SMS Lead Generation —a “direct-connect” to your ideal prospect.

Lead Generation has quickly taken center stage as the preferred “channel of choice” for savvy marketers in every sector. SMS takes the guesswork out of your advertising campaigns, targeting responsive prospects resulting in a strong ROI to your bottom line. We understand the rules of engagement, conversion metrics and how to effectively find prospects and turn them into your customers!

The Power is in your Hands.

These programs offer a more direct approach to marketing, putting you in the driver’s seat. You control the number of leads you receive each month, and the cost per lead is pre-determined delivering leads from your target audience. The end result is the capability to communicate directly with the prospect via phone, mail or email.

Better Process, Better Leads.

By utilizing content relevant websites, co-registration paths and various portals we have the ability to aggregate the ideal prospects for your consumer goods and services. Leads are verified, de-duped, enhanced and optimized through verification hygiene.

A Rewarding Return on your Investment.

In today’s crowded marketing world, lead generation presents a direct approach. Traditionally, conversions have a high success rate because the contacts are prequalified. SMS offers a variety of programs that will play a significant role in increasing your market share from real time leads, fresh prospects and reaching consumers while they are “in-market” to purchase.

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