Meeting Your Specific Needs

List Fulfillment always starts with clean, up-to-date and valid data. However, it’s the next steps that set Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. apart. Our SMS fulfillment team has the unique ability to customize elements of our proprietary system to cater to specific client needs. With all of the information needed at our fingertips, we can immediately answer questions, place orders, and check statuses.. Allowing us to meet client needs faster and more precisely than the competition. Additionally, we offer 24-hour order turnaround, and in high priority cases, have even processed and shipped orders in less than one hour.

Unmatched Experience

The SMS Fulfillment team has extensive experience in all areas of list fulfillment and boasts an average tenure of 18 years in the industry. For over three decades, our team has secured the maximum list rental income for some of the top marketers in the nation. This expertise coupled with our proprietary systems provides seamless integration between list owners, their individual SMS list management teams, and the SMS members responsible for fulfilling the orders.

We specialize in:

  • Data Cleansing

  • DMA/DNM Scrubbing

  • Address Standardization

  • Name Genderization

  • Zip4 Append

  • FIPS Coding

  • County Append

  • NCOA

  • Nixie Suppression

  • Deceased Suppression

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