Accelerate Your Customer Acquisition Strategy


Customer acquisition seems pretty straightforward on the surface — find buyers who want what you’re selling.

But if you’re not thinking strategically — connecting with the right buyers via the most efficient media and channels — your acquisition strategy could be costing you more than you know.

That’s where we can help. Specialists Marketing Services’ exceptional team approaches acquisition campaigns differently than most, taking a fiduciary interest in helping you maximize your investment by:

Choosing the most cost-efficient combination of channels, from direct mail and email to digital display and insert media
Identifying trends that could impact your campaign performance
Using the latest results, economic trends, competitive offers and more to create and monitor circulation plans
Leveraging relationships to secure aggressive pricing

Because each of our team members specializes in specific B2C and B2B verticals — from catalog/retail and publishing to financial/consumer services, health and non-profit — you gain the benefits of our deep-dive expertise as well as our world-class service.

The result? Acquisition campaigns that drive results without driving you crazy.