Digital Audiences


Tap into Specialists Marketing Services’ robust and scalable CC360 Consumer and BIS B2B Digital Audience Segments for precise enhanced digital targeting and analytical insights.

As a data aggregator, we’ll help you leverage our targeted and custom audiences from over 240 million consumers and 40 million B2B contacts for enhanced digital targeting. Plus, you gain access to hundreds of targeting attributes — demographic, lifestyle interests, purchase history, auto, ethnicity, language, occupation, and our specialty new mover segments. B2B segments are also available including SIC code, job title, company size, revenue and more.

Highly scalable with digital reach to over 175 million unique browser cookies and over 200 million mobile device IDs.
All records start with name and physical address, allowing for more accurate and precise targeting.
Attributes are deterministic, multi-sourced verified, cleansed and updated monthly.
Onboard our targeted and custom audience segments onto any DSP.
Matchback services available on custom audience segments.

Our branded data is also available on the following platforms: