The Secret To Triggering Higher Conversions With Your Online Marketing

Digital ad rates are skyrocketing, according to Ezoic’s Ad Revenue Index — and we’re still two months away from the holiday season, when costs typically peak thanks to increased demand for ad inventory.


That’s great news if you’re a publisher collecting ad revenue. Advertisers, on the other hand, must work a lot harder to keep their conversion rates and ROI high enough to justify increased customer acquisition costs.


If your brand is using digital advertising to drive website traffic, but you’re simply not reaching your conversion goals, how can you help ensure your investment is paying off? It may be time to go old-school.


Digital & direct mail: Better together

Before you reflexively increase your digital ad spend to drive more site traffic — or drop the channel altogether out of frustration — consider adding a trigger direct mail component to your campaign: a mailer (typically a postcard) utilizing creative that complements the digital aspect of your campaign.


It makes sense for two reasons. First, direct mail traditionally enjoys higher conversion rates than digital channels — anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher, according to the DMA. Second, you’re adding an additional customer touchpoint — one that’s tactile, high-value and arriving with much less competition in the mailbox.


“That’s great, but timing is everything. And print isn’t exactly nimble.”

Not true. Together with one of our strategic partners, digital marketing agency d3 can produce turn-key mailings to your site visitors, fully personalized to the pages or products viewed and items abandoned in their carts. Next-day mailings mean your brand is capitalizing on the hyper-recency of customers and prospects (or donors, in the case of non-profits) who are interested in your product, service or philanthropic cause.


Marketers can choose from a variety of creative and strategic trigger direct mail options to best fit their brand image:


  • Customized sizes and formats
  • Variable data and imagery
  • Targeting specific actions, from multi-page views to cart abandons
  • Testing of multiple offers versus a proven control


A sophisticated scoring model with weighted variables (such as time on site or lapsed customer) lets you vary your offer based on behavior; for example, extending a more aggressive offer to a recipient with high lifetime value. Utilizing a test group makes trigger direct mail cost-effective, because you can save money by focusing on audiences that represent incremental gains rather than mailing indiscriminately to every site visitor.


Using multi-channel to increase customer acquisition rates

If your digital advertising simply isn’t performing, you may need to expand your thinking beyond the screen and go direct mail to augment your online efforts. A widely-quoted industry statistic says that digital advertising paired with postal mail produces 28% higher conversion rates — a pretty persuasive reason to give it a shot.


By testing this powerful one-two combo — along with a variety of smart, behavior-based offers — you just might move the needle in a positive direction on your next campaign.