How to Reactivate Inactive Customers Using CRM & Remarketing

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, customers stop engaging with our brand. So, if we try to understand the path a consumer takes from the first point of engagement through conversion, it allows us to maximize the sales opportunity and marketing effort to discover the underlying issue.

Regularly communicating with customers using relevant content when they engage with your brand is key to a successful retention program. As an added bonus, it can also be the key to lead generation strategies.

As marketers, we pride ourselves on understanding our customer’s needs and wants; and ultimately what gets them to make a purchase. Guessing what content or message resonates with customers is no longer a strategy, nor is it necessary as technology advances. We start with a well-informed marketing concept or piece of content based on what we know about our customer and their buyer’s journey. This is where data provides the connecting piece — real insights into how your prospects behave, when and why.

We can lose a customer along the journey by assuming a one-size-fits-all approach is going to work. By putting data-driven insights to work, marketers can pinpoint where one customer stops listening and engaging, while another continues to take action. How we use this data can be a valuable tool in learning what we can do to improve retention and sales.

The power of these customer insights is not only knowing that they are occurring, but seeing them as valuable feedback.  Feedback that provides opportunities to be proactive, and bring the customer back into engagement. The more you know about how, where, what and when they are motivated to buy, the better you can target them across all channels efficiently and cost-effectively.

By using segmentation marketing, we can further define customer behavior by various factors such as psychographic, demographic, geographic, behavioral segmentation, and use the patterns that emerge to our advantage in marketing to them.

Here’s where your CRM comes in handy

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is key to your remarketing strategy. When properly used, it acts as a repository of customer behavior data and you can use insights to re-engage lapsed buyers using methods like these:

  • Digital retargeting — whether via display, mobile, SEM, social or a combination of channels — can be used to get back in front of a prospect who left your website, abandoned a cart or didn’t completely view your webinar before taking the next desired action.
  • Direct mail, including thank you, anniversary or “we’ve missed you” offers, which can be a cost-effective and valuable way to engage with your customers.
  • Trigger programs are just what they sound like — highly targeted messaging that is “triggered” by a specific action or behavior. Trigger-based remarketing solutions can span multiple channels, including:
    • Emails, for example, a reminder about an abandoned cart item or alert to a discount on a previously purchased consumable they may need to re-stock.
    • Direct mail, such as a personalized postcard. Triggered postcards are great for reaching site visitors who haven’t yet opted into your email list and email recipients who aren’t opening your emails.
    • Dynamic pop-up lightboxes with personalized remarketing offers based on prior purchasing or browsing behavior.
    • Social marketing to extend the reach of your marketing message onto platforms like Facebook. You can dynamically determine an audience based on factors such as products viewed, emails opened (or unopened) and more.
  • Loyalty programs (examples include Amazon Prime and Bloomingdale’s Rewards) can be a simple but effective way to reward loyal customers as well as staying top of mind via special incentivized offers.

You had their attention… then they dropped off

Whether your customer fell off the radar completely or is just slower to act than anticipated, you can get them back on track thanks to sophisticated CRM/data capabilities and insights. Never has the expression “Know your customers” had more meaning than it does today.

Utilizing your data insights, you can pinpoint the moment that the engagement changed. It also allows you to put together a customized strategy to reconnect with your prospect or customer. By combining your knowledge of their buyer’s journey, with other data enhanced insights, you can laser in on what type of content you need. The power of this approach is that the prospect/customer will feel like you understand them. The content will feel like it was just for them and will resonate more deeply.

As renowned direct response copywriter Robert Collier once said, “You want to enter the conversation already taking place in their minds.”  By using data insights, your audience will feel engaged and connected to your brand. This moves them one step closer to buying.

Woo customers back with remarketing

Each year, it seems more and more “touches” are needed before a prospect becomes a customer, or a customer comes back for additional purchases. The need to be in front of buyers and prospects more often, and more consistently.  You can achieve this by adding remarketing to your existing marketing strategies. By tapping into their online activities, remarketing can help put you in front of customers in an organic way as they check email, view social posts and more.

The power of remarketing is that it helps you maintain an ongoing and consistent brand presence and visibility. The capabilities of your CRM and remarketing are available to businesses of all sizes and budgets. Thousands of bits of data come in every day, including click-throughs, open rates, unsubscribes and more.

Making sense of major data points and turning them into useful customer retention tools is essential to making new sales and meeting marketing goals. Consider this: How much revenue do you leave on the table due to inactive customers who could easily be reactivated?

Don’t know where to start? d3 has invested in staff, time and resources as well as proprietary data and digital solutions to provide greater lifetime value (LTV) and customer retention. We do this by leveraging internal programs, and by creating partnerships with industry leaders that have changed the landscape of how we can communicate with customers and increase LTV through loyalty and retention.

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