Insert Media


Insert media can help target qualified prospects in a unique and effective way. Thinking of testing it out? Or looking to improve on your current efforts? Either way, you’ve come to the insert media specialists.

With an average 20 years in the industry, our team eats, breathes and sleeps inserts. When we say it’s a turnkey program, we’re not kidding.

Generating insert media income is turnkey, too. If you’re generating volume statements, mailers or packages every month, we make it easy to monetize your efforts and offset overhead costs — without adding another project to your to-do list.

Specialists Marketing Services can assist with creative development, strategic placement recommendations, results analysis and coordination of your insert and multi-channel campaigns.

Traditional Insert Media:
• Statements
• Package inserts
• Catalog and blow-in inserts
• Ride-alongs
• Co-op mailings
• Shared mail
Non-traditional Insert Media:
• Retail store bags
• POS receipts
• Out-of-home
Did you know that our partnership marketing team developed the pre-inserted retail bag insert marketing tactic — and have flawlessly executed over a billion bag inserts to date?

We’re working with national retailers to help advertisers break through the clutter and generate increased sales and ensuring retailers generate incremental revenue via this new turnkey program.

For Advertisers:

This efficient interrupter tactic ensures that customers will engage with your message, sparking consideration and customer action. It’s ideal for advertisers seeking to generate awareness, sell more products in-store, or reach retail customers for out-of-store purchases. Geographic and demographic targeting are available, along with category exclusivity for each distribution and a variety of insert formats.

For Retailers:

Here’s your opportunity to turn a fixed cost into a revenue-generating customer touch point — whether from promoting offers from third-party advertisers or incremental in-store brand sales. In addition, our retail bag program can help you steal share by driving customers back to your stores versus a competitor. We customize every program to your supply chain to mitigate any impact to your existing processes.