Boldly discover responsive new universes


The equation is simple — for most businesses, customer acquisition equals growth. And predictive models fuel those acquisitions by helping you identify responsive new prospects.

Upon completion of your modeling & analytics project, we’ll provide you with detailed reporting on the entire process — explanation of key variables, gains charts, counts and recommendations for testing or further analysis.

Not sure which modeling service to choose? We’ll help you match the right technique to your marketing objective and uncover the most responsive universe for your offer.


What do your best customers have in common? We’ll help you find out, so you can make smarter decisions about how to invest and market to both your existing customers and new prospects.

CC360 Profiling provides a detailed view of your customers at the attribute level, including basic demographics like age, income, and net worth, as well as lifestyle and product interests, length of residence, and more.

Customer profiling is not only a proven method for identifying areas of marketing growth potential. It also serves as the foundation for effective modeling and segmentation strategies, so you can pinpoint consumers who are likely to engage or re-engage with your brand.