Simplifying Campaign Management: Find Out What Changes Facebook Has up its Sleeve

More than 30 million brands have a Facebook page. If you’re not one of them, you’re missing out on serious reach — especially now that Facebook is rolling out changes to increase its ease of use and effectiveness for advertisers. Facebook’s laundry list of improvements aims to simplify campaign creation and management, affecting its Business Manager tool, News Feed ad formats, targeting options and more.

The goal: Greater consistency across Facebook applications, which translates into long-term value for advertisers and a better user experience for all.


Meet the “new” Facebook

What do the Facebook updates mean for your brand? Here’s a quick recap of changes to the platform, so you can take advantage as they become available and bring your social media marketing effectiveness to new heights.

 Business Manager refresh  Millions of brands use Business Manager to access business tools and manage accounts. Over the next few months, Business Manager will be getting a makeover, including new navigation, revamped permission management, an ads creation tool and an enhanced organization of assets. Business Manager will also soon add:

  • A shortcut tool, providing recommendations based on user history
  • Enhanced management features for historical reports
  • An improved onboarding experience tool, making it simpler to view partners, onboard new partners and gain access to assets

 Ads Manager updates — Knowing your way around Facebook’s newly updated Ads Manager will help you better manage campaigns, and drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to create and monitor Facebook ads. Recent additions include a cost cap bidding strategy to get the most bang for your advertising buck, as well as a cleaner interface and navigation bar that features performance and reporting tools.

What’s to come? Facebook will be updating the campaign creation experience with a copy and paste functionality for building ads, and an auto-naming feature that will slash the time required for brands to customize their campaign, ad set and ad names.

Simplified feed formats  Want to deliver the best customer experience throughout your Facebook campaigns? Start using shorter media height and reduced primary text for newsfeed ads. The maximum media height for photos and videos is changing from 2:3 to 4:5 aspect ratio, and visible primary text on mobile News Feed will be shortened to three lines from seven.

Refined targeting options — Facebook is also streamlining its targeting options so brands can more easily communicate with their intended audiences and drive improved ROI. Going forward, they’ll be removing options that are generally outdated or unpopular among advertisers. Affected advertisers will be guided toward similar options that can provide performance that’s on par with the old selections.

Social media is an integral part of business growth. And a streamlined campaign management process will help position Facebook as a key player in your multi-channel marketing campaign and customer acquisition efforts.


A work in progress

Just because you have a few campaigns in progress, that doesn’t mean Facebook is “set it and forget it.” Whether you’re using the platform to run a customer acquisition campaign or a remarketing program, there are always tweaks you can make to achieve the desired results. For example:

Don’t let messages pile up in your inbox. If hot prospects are checking into your page with an inquiry, don’t make them wait for an answer. Facebook messenger’s live chat allows you to respond quickly on a platform where prospects are already engaging with you.

Always test. Run A/B tests to see who responds to your posts or ads and how. Test different elements like a headline, graphic vs. no graphic, or short vs. long body copy to learn more about your audience and what they like.

Use insights to determine campaign success. Not only is it free to use, Facebook Audience Insights shows data on page views, actions taken, number of prospects reached and more. Remember, you need to know what’s not working in order to improve upon it.


Multi-channel is a must-have

Ninety-two percent of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising. And for good reason —social media’s reach and ROI are undeniable. But you can’t rely solely on social or any one medium for that matter. Seventy-two percent of consumers prefer to connect with brands through a multi-channel approach. Find out how the team at Specialists Marketing Services can help you reach highly customizable segments, and add a powerful social layer to your multi-channel marketing efforts.


People also ask…

Are built-in tools worthwhile when it comes to reaching my target audience?

Aside from built-in tools that allow you to target based on broad demographics, Facebook’s connections targeting lets you identify potential audiences based on their connection to your business. Facebook considers a person who has interacted with a brand’s page, app or ad in the past to be “connected.” Likewise, if a person is friends with someone who took any of the previous actions, Facebook considers them to be connected as well.

What are some no-brainer ways to grow a Facebook audience?

If you’re not already, you should be using lookalike and customer audiences. With custom audiences, you can target people who already know your brand on Facebook. For example, you can upload data for your existing customer base and target ads to reach them. This method of customer segmentation is beneficial because it generates additional touchpoints to interact with people you’ve already connected with as a brand. With lookalike audiences, you can reach Facebook users who are likely to be interested in your brand because they’re similar to your current group of customers.