From the initial planning and budgeting stage to results reporting and analytics, Specialists Marketing Services has the expertise to handle all stages of your direct mail or insert media campaign.


Allow us to help with your direct mail efforts and we’ll handle the entire process from start to finish including creative services, data, print, production and mailing. Our Turnkey Direct Mail Solutions include print personalization with color variables and customizable templates to include special offers, logo, map, store hours, locations, and more.

Trigger events, which drive some of our most popular Turnkey Direct Mail programs, offer a continuous fresh supply of names on a weekly or monthly basis.

“Trigger events” are just that — important occurrences in a consumer’s life that drive certain predictable behaviors. Buy a house? Your financial focus and shopping habits have just taken a pretty big shift. Newly engaged? You’re in the market for products and services that were irrelevant six months ago.

Our Turnkey Direct Mail Programs can be leveraged to drive new
 customer acquisition as well as customer re-activation and retention.
Businesses lose customers every year for various reasons — some beyond their control such as moving. In fact, 15% of households move out of your trade area annually. The best way to combat lost business? Replace it by sending a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” mailing with special offers to entice new movers to visit you first and build brand loyalty.
Weekly/monthly continuity programs available with fresh names
Over 70% of file includes prior address so we can target consumers based on moving out of/into a trade area or closest location, as well as additional targeting attributes not commonly available on new mover files.
Mailings can be sent to a targeted audience around multiple locations — perfect for franchises and to help build store traffic.
Ideal for furniture and home improvement retailers, apparel marketers, franchises, financial and insurance, nonprofits and more.
There is untapped potential in the celebration of birthdays — a proven driver for indulgent consumer spending. Consumers are on high alert when their birthday is approaching, and enjoy personalized birthday cards from their favorite restaurants and retailers.
Monthly continuity programs available with fresh names.
Ideal for restaurants, apparel retailers, spas and salons, and more.
Turn a grand opening or other event into an opportunity to build brand awareness and quickly generate business.
Highly targeted programs leverage hundreds of demographic and lifestyle selects, as well as geo targeting based on trade area, ZIP+4 and radius including drive time.
Ideal for grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, sponsored events, charity events and more.

Our turnkey services can be leveraged to drive new customer acquisition, or to monitize your outgoing customer statements, packages, or other communications — without adding another project to your to-do list


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